The Life, Loves, and Work, of Brian from Ammanford
(Nr Bethlehem, in West Wales, UK)

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A Bully

What did my workmates say?

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   Nuclear Physicist    Army Intelligence Corps      A Beach seller               Playboy                Academic and Dad                 Weed Killer              
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In September 1981 , when I had finished the summer season working  on the markets and campsites
 in the South of France, I suddenly announced to all who were reasonable sober at the party.
"I am going to start a holiday company, bringing the Welsh People en-masse to this beautiful area."

"Don't be silly," said Goff,  a business man  (Nottage Joinery)  from Porthcawl in Wales, who lived in an apartment
in the upmarket Venice themed village of  " Port Grimaud " ( Near St Tropez.)

"What is wrong, with bringing the Welsh People, here", I retorted indignantly,  "You are Welsh do not forget"

"No no no,  It is your plans, I am not happy about,  the holiday business is a risky one. I have known  you since you suddenly appeared here in Sept of 1979, and I have listened  to you talking, (sometimes semi coherently) about your previous life,
and I am confident, the sure way you can make money,  is by hiring a typist to write your life story

 "The book will definitely sell".
IMPORTANT NOTICE.     Sorry to spoil my happy site with this but I have no choice!!
I did not heed his advice, I carried on with my Ambitious  Plan:
                                                "Welshway Holidays",   Coach Camping in St  Tropez

   Easter of 1983, I am struggling in a tent over 3 camping stoves,  preparing dinner for about 25 kids and 4 teachers from "Clydach Secondary School", near Swansea, when who appears is Goff.

"Brian, I have not come to gloat ( he already  knew I was fighting for survival) but I wish,
 you had listened, and just written your book".

"Goff",  I replied, "I now have a lot more chapters for the book".

Since that day I have constantly thought about the book, although I was not to confident it would sell at that time,
 because my book pre 1979 would have been very similar to "Love Story", and that had also been made into a film.
Also I had been gazumpted by Mont Python for my obvious title  " The life of Brian"
 Since 1979 to now, my life has gone crazier, and I feel with a good agent it may now sell, but,
I cannot see myself sitting down for the next couple of years typing at my slow speed, to write a book.
I may be dead by the time it is published. Or murdered soon after!

So I thought, What about a   Web Page.  ( I apologise to  "Microsoft Internet Explorer" users,  
The layout may not be right as I use "Mozila Firefox"  based, web design program but I am learning.

I  not only, can record my life for posterity, but I can also keep my brain active by learning "Web Design".
So now in my twilight years and the twilight part of the year (29 Oct 2006), I am starting........

I hope you will have as much fun reading  stories from my life, as I have, in writing them!
I will be adding stories as often as I can, at least every month.
Below are  Links to  my web pages, I  will concentrate first on my working life from the present time.

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                                                               The Life ....................Due next year                               
                                                               The Loves..................Dare I,
                                                              The Career.................My latest (ex) job has taken over the site!!!!
"Flasher at Florence Asher",  (please read this first, it will set the tone for My Career)
                                      My future plans....Web Design?........
The best website to find what you need in Swansea is    (yes I am biased!) but have a look
I spent four summers in St Tropez, I do not remember to much!!!
If you came on holiday with "Welshway" and have a good story  to relate.
email me on                                                                                                                                                                       ...............................    Getting Hungry?2 Hungry                             
On 18 Dec 2006 I was dismissed by my employers FHA Wales,
I and my previous colleagues believe, unfairly.

So this web site originally intended for amusement, has now a serious aspect.
I believe that truth will always win in the end.

 "My Appeal for unfair dismissal"
Important Announcement.
                              My web page is on temporarily hold, I hope by  Fri 23 Feb 2007, to insert in this space a full apology to all the genuine and honest employees, of FamilyHousing Association (Wales).  I sincerely did not mean them, or  FHA any harm.
(Family Housing Association was established in 1975 as a non profit-making organisation.It provides high quality,
 affordable homes and services and now manages over 2,000 properties throughout the Swansea,Carmarthenshire
 and Neath Port Talbot areas providing homes to meet the differing housing needs of a wide variety of people.
 Its aim is to continue to develop homes for families, the elderly and for those who need care and support.
 Family Housing Association (Wales) Ltd has charitable status and is affiliated to the National Federation of
Housing Associations and the Welsh Federation of Housing Associations.)
Fri 23 Feb 2007     My apology:
For about two years, before my employment as a residential caretaker with FHA, my wife (at the time) was employed with them in the "Special Needs Section" they, dealt with people who suffered from schizophrenia, and other illnesses, they also housed battered wives, etc etc, I met many of the staff, and I had, and still have a lot of respect for them,
 in the way, they dealt and coped, with what can be a very difficult  and stressful career.
I also saw the affordable homes that FHA provided and strived to maintain. They are a credit to Family Housing
My only Complaints have been against the senior staff, where I worked, The Caretaking Section, Sadly this is turning into contempt.

9th Feb 2007 I receive two letters, One from Morgan Cole solicitors acting for FHA, and one from Phil Dennis Director of Operations FHA.

  1 Morgan Cole:
                Your  Website.....Defamatory Publication.......chosen words without any factual basis...issue an apology....etc etc...
          Defamatory?   I am stating the truth,..... Factual basis?  If  Fha (Phil Dennis and caretaking senior management)  are not happy with my factual basis, they had better get Morgan Cole to send a letter to, The Danish Government, Journal of Pesticide Reform,

Pesticide Action Network North America, and countless other authorities.

FHA are now using lawyers to try to bully me, into erasing my website, I constantly experienced bullying whilst I WAS EMPLOYED BY THEM,
I will definitely not succumb to it whilst I no longer work for them.

2  Phil Dennis:  Explaining why I did not win my appeal against dismissal. Did I expect to win!
    Quote     "# Pesticides-please refer to comments above; The report acknowledged that there may be problems with these running onto hard areas, but this would only be in circumstances where huge amounts were placed on the area. This is obviously something the Association will monitor."

  Does not Phil Dennis realise this is a serious matter, He obviously has not taken the time, to read carefully what I put on my website.
               Adults, Children and domestic pets were walking past unprotected,
  and they were still walking and playing on the pesticide a few weeks later!

Just incase he, or others with any authority, missed the page, just click
                           PICTURES OF HARD AREAS SPRAYED 
                 I have had complaints from reguler viewers that due to my chaotic way of updating or adding to the site,  they have to plough through every page on each visit, not even knowing if there is an update. so as an attempt for normality and sanity  ( how boring) I have added a.......................
Diary page.
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